Edible Packaging: Our Future or Just an Experimental Concept?

Edible packaging, as well as self-tying shoes are not a futuristic concept anymore. We just need to wait for the double ties. 

The Telegraph (1) reports about a very interesting innovation: A tasty, deliciously smelling edible cup that will make your coffee drinking experience sweet and exciting.

The cup, named the ‘Scoff-ee Cup’ is made from biscuit, wrapped in sugar paper and then lined with a layer of heat-resistant white chocolate to keep the coffee hot and the cup crispy.Once the chocolate lining melts over time, the biscuit begins to soften causing it to melt in your mouth.

It is an interesting concept, but the question remains: If coffee is already a high-calorie, high-sugar beverage, do we need more sugars and calories in form of a cup? If that trend becomes popular, is it going to significantly improve the number of cardiovascular diseases and diabetic patients?

A more interesting and useful project would be Northcliffe Electronic Publishing’s article about an edible coating that would replace the existing plastic coating for meat. The managing director of the company promoting the project states that:

The company’s role in the three-year project will be to produce peptides which will make up the preservative coating for meat and protect it from bacteria.

The research goal is that when you look at the meat with this coating on you would not know it is there.

You can cook with it on and it is safe to eat.

You would still need wax paper, like you have at the butcher, to wrap it in.

The benefit is it’s supposed to save companies a lot of money in packaging costs and is much more eco-friendly than the oil-based vacuum pack used at the moment.

Meat gets spoiled easily and quickly. Food poisoning from meat often has fatal consequences. These kinds of projects should be valued, sponsored and advertised, because it would create jobs, make our food healthier and safer, and  decrease the number of slaughtered animals in general.

Double ties
People with double ties will consume edible packagings daily.

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